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Terrain Works provides cutting edge environmental analysis capabilities not available elsewhere. TerrainWorks creates user-friendly GIS "virtual watersheds" and smart river networks, coupled to innovative tools (NetMap), and makes them available to agencies, NGOs, universities and clients in the private sector.

NetMap is designed as a community system, in which new analysis tools built for others are made immediately available to all NetMap users, thus leveraging community funding, ideas and innovation.

NetMap’s unique set of virtual watersheds, analysis tools and online technical help, provides decision support in forestry, fisheries, restoration, riparian management, conservation, pre- and post-wildfire planning and climate change. TerrainWorks provides comprehensive analyses, ranging in scale from entire landscapes to watersheds to individual stream reaches. NetMap can be built and applied anywhere in the world (Global Opportunity).

TerrainWorks, with its flagship analysis technology NetMap, is being used by NOAA, US Forest Service, EPA, BLM, US Fish and Wildfire Service, Conservation NGOs, watershed councils, tribes, private sector, universities and internationally. 

TerrainWorks supports numerous types of applications relevant to natural resources:

Terrain Works - Additional Background

See AGU EOS article on "The Future of Applied Watershed Science at Regional Scales".