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Terrain Works - Additional Background

TerrainWorks (NetMap): Designed to Address a Challenge

NetMap was created to provide off-the-shelf analysis capabilities in resource management, risk mitigation and conservation unavailable in other formats. Our goal at TerrainWorks is to make user-friendly GIS virtual watersheds and smart river networks available to agencies, NGOs, universities and the private sector.

NetMap also provides support in the form of (1) online technical help, (2) step-wise guides, (3) online mapping tools and a (4) community based approach to tool development and dissemination. NetMap applications include fish habitat mapping, floodplain delineation, road analyses, slope stability, riparian management and wildfire. Explore our website to learn more.

Compatibility & Fusion with the NHD/NHDplus: NetMap and the NHDplus have compatible goals and each provides value-added facilities to the other. NetMap provides derivation of detailed hydrography extending to the ephemeral and unchanneled portions of landscapes, connectivity and routing analyses, and advanced tools for resource management, risk mitigation and conservation, with transfer of that information to the NHDplus. The NHDplus allows for the communication of NetMap’s attributes and analysis results to the common national hydrography platform used for distributing data and modeling results across large and diverse stakeholder groups. Learn more.


Many federal, state, NGO and private organizations have similar and overlapping objectives, questions, and analysis needs. Resource management and conservation are increasingly being applied at large spatial scales (watersheds, national forests, landscapes, states, and regions) involving multiple interacting agencies and partnering stakeholders. The challenge is to provide agencies, NGOs, and the private sector with advanced analysis capabilities. 

This challenge points to the future of applied watershed science. Learn more about how to address the challenge. TerrainWorks (NetMap) embraces the future through an initiative that is built upon three key concepts:

►Developing Virtual Watersheds with advanced capabilities;
►Developing Analysis Tools (NetMap) within the Virtual Watersheds to support the sharing of knowledge;
►Sustaining the system over time through shared, bottom up program maintenance (user licenses).

The TerrainWorks system of analysis is provided in several formats: 
(1) NetMap as a Service where tools are run in your own virtual watershed for a stand-alone analysis.
(2) NetMap Tools and virtual watershed by annual license to conduct your own analyses;
(3) Custom analyses which provide greater power, flexibility and sustainability ("living analyses").

The system is underpinned by TerrainWorks defining platform: The Virtual Watershed

See Our Unique Approach to Analyses and Consultations

We also partner on consulting projects.

TerrainWorks Community Science & Technology

A powerful aspect of TerrainWorks (NetMap) is the ability to distribute science and technology via its digital hydroscape and tools to all participants, thus sharing ideas, expertise, experience and capital.  A new tool built in one geographic location is immediately available to all users of NetMap. 


NetMap's networking extends across large areas of the western U.S., Canada and into Alaska. Join the network of Digital Landscapes and tools. Check current Virtual Watershed Coverage. If your geographic area of interest has not yet been added, contact us about developing a new project. We build new.