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Save Money

GIS related services involving various environment properties of the Earth surface can be time consuming and costly. It is one thing to simply build maps. It is another to have GIS personnel create analyses involving fish habitats, biological hotspots, floodplains, landslides, debris flows, thermal loading and wood recruitment.

Such analyses can take GIS staff days to weeks to months costing tens of thousands of dollars (even for one project).

Use of Packaged Watershed Analyses and or NetMap tools and Virtual Watersheds  (and the TerrainViewer) by GIS and non GIS specialists can cut down on the time (and cost) required to conduct advanced analyses in resource use, risk mitigation, restoration and conservation. What would take someone days to weeks will take minutes to a few hours using our technologies.

A modest annual Support and Maintenance Subscription could save agencies, NGOs, and the private sector considerable time and money.