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Watershed Restoration Analysis, Oregon Coast Range (NOAA & ODFW)

Project completed February 2015
TerrainWorks Digital Landscapes and Analysis Tools are being applied in a demonstration analysis for using NetMap in support of creating watershed restoration strategies for independent populations of coho salmon in the context of delisting strategies (Coho Recovery Plan). One objective is to create rigorous, objective and consistent analyses across all effected watersheds.

This project is conducted in conjunction with NOAA-Fisheries, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildfire (ODFW), Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and the US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station.

Analysis Results:

See Short Version Results.

See larger annotated PPT in a PDF.

See webinar presentation movie.

Your Habitat Intrinsic Potential (IP) maps are likely out of date and can be updated and made more accurate.