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Los Padres/Angeles National Forests, Pre- & Post Fire

Improving Pre- and Post-Wildfire Prioritization of Restoration Activities, On-The-Ground Implementation and Performance Tracking in the Los Padres and Angeles National Forests

Funder: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (2017-2018)

Principal activities include: A) prioritizing restoration activities in post-fire and pre-fire environments that includes site specific recommendations for more effective on-the-ground implementation of projects and B) performance tracking, with capability to raise USFS Watershed Condition Framework’s basin classifications, based on restoration activities and other watershed management actions. Supporting activities include: i) quantitative and spatially explicit analysis, ii) quantitative restoration prioritization and site-specific recommendations, iii) performance tracking and iv) information transfer and communication.

Project areas in the Angeles National Forest include: Copper, Ranch and Sayre fires (38,000 acres)and the remainder of the National Forest (620,000 acres).

Project areas in the Los Padres National Forest include: Zaca, Piru and Jesusita fires (313,000 acres) and in pre-fire environments in the remainder of the National Forest (1.6 million acres).

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