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Decision Tool for Cumulative Watershed Effects, Alberta Boreal Ecoregion

TerrainWorks is providing  a Decision Tool for Cumulative Watershed Effects Assessment in the Boreal Ecoregion of Alberta for Alberta’s Forest Management Program. NetMap's virtual watersheds and analysis tools will be integrated with Alberta’s Wet Areas Mapping (WAM) technology (White et al. 2012). The “WAM-Integrated-NetMap” analysis system (WIN-System) employs a synthetic stream layer mirrored on WAM stream lines and coupled to the LiDAR digital elevation model (DEM) across a  200,000 ha project area in the Boreal Ecoregion of Alberta. 

See pptx-PDF presentation here.

See full report here.

One component of the WIN-System is the ability to delineate variable width riparian zones based on analysis of four (or more) watershed attributes including 1) wet areas (depth to water), 2) floodplains, 3) shade-thermal energy and 4) recruitment of wood to streams. You can learn more about NetMap's riparian delineation tools here.