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What's Your Question?

Interpreting or reading landscapes is often question driven.

  • Where are the best fish habitats located in a watershed?
  • Where are the largest floodplains?
  • Where does urbanization impact the best aquatic habitats?
  • Which areas are most prone to shallow landslides?
  • Where are forest roads most at risk from failure?
  • Where is the highest potential for road surface erosion and sediment delivery to streams?
  • Where does the greatest wildfire risk overlap the greatest climate change?
And so on.
This portal into interpreting landscapes, through questions, is organized by general landscape and land use topic. Using questions, analysts are directed to a wide range of NetMap tools and data, via technical help. If you cannot locate your question, even generally, dive into the technical help materials for guidance. Don't see what you need? Contact us.

Topic 1: Aquatic/Riparian Habitats


Topic 2: Channel Types, Channel Response, Channel Network


Topic 3: Topography/Erosion/Slope Stability


Topic 4: Human Infrastructure - Roads/Pipelines


Topic 5: Riparian Management


Topic 6:  Wildfire (Pre and Post)


Topic 7: Climate Change Vulnerability