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Your Analyses

What's Your Question?

Interpreting or reading landscapes is often question driven.

  • Where are the best fish habitats located in a watershed?
  • Where are the largest floodplains?
  • Where does urbanization impact the best aquatic habitats?
  • Which areas are most prone to shallow landslides?
  • Where are forest roads most at risk from failure?
  • Where is the highest potential for road surface erosion and sediment delivery to streams?
  • Where does the greatest wildfire risk overlap the greatest climate change?
And so on.

See the Big Picture

TerrainViewer: Your Portal into the Big Picture.

Examine spatial patterns of a large range of watershed attributes (fish habitats [anadromous, resident], erosion potential, floodplains, wildfire, climate change, grazing) at the scale of watersheds, landscapes, states and regions.