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NetMap Tools

NetMap with Tools: Four Components

NetMap provides the lowest cost comprehensive analyses available anywhere at the scale of watersheds, landscapes and states.

NetMap, as a Service, involves building new virtual watersheds, or using existing ones, and running all requested tools to produce analyses for a specific geographic areas. See the types of analyses we conduct.

The full suite of NetMap tools is provided for users who wish to optionally conduct their own analyses.

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  • inform resource use & management
  • support restoration
  • advance conservation
  • identify environmental liabilities
  • risk management
  • map potential for extreme events

See what your analysis will include

Who uses NetMap?

We use the highest resolution digital elevation models available (including LiDAR).

Tools works exclusively with NetMap's Virtual Watersheds.   

See Existing base NetMap Virtual Watersheds. We upgrade existing datasets and build new ones.

See All Tools (n=97).   See Newest (2015) Tools.

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Note, Enhanced NetMap license typically comes with most tools pre-run and thus many users will take advantage of existing model outputs and can access maps and conduct rapid habitat-stressor intersection analysis with NetMap's Quick Tool, that comes with either NetMap License.

Compatibility with NHD/NHDplus.

NetMap supports numerous applications:

NetMap comes with online Technical Help and Tutorial Videos on the uses of tools and applications!

What Questions  can be answered (Step Wise Guides)

Who uses NetMap?

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For additional background, Projects/Clients

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Information on Accessing NetMap as a Service or a NetMap User License