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NetMap License Terms

TerrainWorks (NetMap) Software and Virtual Watershed Access 

2.0 Full NetMap Tools and Virtual Watershed Access, Updates and Maintenance.
2.1 Access options:

(1) For "Builders" (of new NetMap virtual watershed datasets) and "NetMap as a Service" clients, access to Full NetMap Tools with one year support and maintenance, Tools never expire; post one year, maintenance agreements to access continuing tool updates, tool fixes, new tools, and support are optional.

(2) For all others, users of existing NetMap virtual watersheds, access to Full NetMap Tools annually by subscription. Only applies to existing Netmap coverage.


An annual License includes:

  1. Continuous access to the latest NetMap tools,
  2. Critical Tool updates to match ArcMap version updates,
  3. Bug fixes,
  4. Updates to existing tools,
  5. New tools,
  6. Access to online technical help,
  7. Dataset updates and
  8. Access to online TerrainViewer.

Bug fixes as needed. Tool versions to match ESRI version updates - as required. NetMap tool updates and new tools are released as available (2-4 times per year).  There are two types of NetMap Licenses (see below).