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Variation is an Inherent Property of Stream Systems

All of NetMap's tools are designed to display and parse out spatial variations in numerous watershed and stream properties including network geometry, valley morphology, erosion, sediment supply and storage, wood supply and storage and consequently channel morphology and fish habitat.

Spatial variability in many watersheds can confound monitoring programs. In addition, some locations in river networks are inherently more dynamic than others. What is a monitoring site is located just downstream of a confluence or valley transition rather than upstream?

All NetMap attributes and tools can be used to identify spatial patterns of variation in numerous channel and watershed properties and thus can help site monitoring locations and also to unravel causes of particular measured or observed behavior. 


Terrainworks (NetMap) system of Digital Landscapes, Analysis Tools, online TerrainViewer and Technical Help are all designed to inform environmental monitoring programs.
















Quickly create detailed maps of varying watershed and stream properties to inform your monitoring programs.




Identify how varying sediment supply longitudinally along a channel network can impact channel monitoring efforts.