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Access Online Display and Analysis for Pre Wildfire and Post Wildfire Planning

TerrainWorks (NetMap) offers analyses of pre wildfire conditions (fire risk, post fire erosion [surface erosion, shallow landslides, debris flows, gullies], fish habitats, and road related concerns) and post wildfire environments (similar attributes including in a BAER process). Agencies and others can contract with TerrainWorks to assemble the data, make the analysis and post the results to a password-protected online display.

Shown below is a post wildfire example in the upper Methow River basin in eastern Washington. Refer to the documentation on how to run the tool to quickly search, for example, for locations where the top 5% of post fire erosion overlaps with the top 5% of sensitive fish habitats.

Contact us for additional information on accessing both pre wildfire and post wildfire analysis and online data display.