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Become An Expert

Upgrade Your Skills: Learn to Read Landscapes

Learning to read landscapes is a hard won skill; education in specific discipline, field time, use of remote sensing data etc.

There is no question that access to heavily illustrated and detailed maps of landscape form and process can speed up anyone's ability to understand various aspects of environments.

For example:

  • what are the different channel types in your area?
  • where is the best fish habitats?
  • what is creating the most diverse aquatic habitats?
  • where are the best floodplains (or estuaries) located?
  • what are the major erosion processes?
  • where do they threaten habitats and infrastructure?
  • where is the highest potential for wildfire?
  • where is the highest risk for extreme post fire erosion?
  • at what locations is forecasted climate change the greatest?
  • where do roads pose the greatest risks?



Use of NetMap Tools and Virtual Watersheds  are designed for users to upgrade their skills in reading landscapes. Think of the system as a unique and online educational platform.